Artists Go Deep On Creative Spirit Radio 

BURBANK, CA – Celebrities such as the hilarious comedian Luenell, actor Ernest Thomas and music executive and recording artist Jay King have been among the guests on the newly launched radio show called “Creative Spirit Radio” hosted by artist and entrepreneur William Hanford Lee Jr.. “Creative Spirit Radio” is being billed as a show where “faith meets function.”

Lee is a singer/songwriter from Sacramento who runs an entertainment management company and has had music in films such as “The Taking Of Pelham 123” and on TV shows such as “Burn Notice”. “On Creative Spirit Radio we talk about the spiritual side of creativity,” Lee says. “I think, that in a lot of ways, being our most creative self is about being our best self. This is one hour for talented and prolific people to talk about their spiritual journey and how it impacts the work that they do.”

So far the show has covered topics such as books that inspire, determination, and fear. Creative Spirit Radio can be heard live on Sundays from 4:00 pm -5:00 pm PST on The website is

PapaLee debut album – SOULvival completed

My debut album is done!

SOULvival is mixed and about to be mastered. The process of producing and releasing an album of original music has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. And it’s happening as Maria and I are expecting our first child. How amazing is that?!  I am realizing that in every way this musical journey is always just beginning, even though I’ve been making music most of my life.

I tried to make SOULvival a well-balanced blend of my voice and guitar playing set against songs that tell the truth and playfully provide some joy and inspiration. Musical styles on the album flow seamlessly from the lively, horn-driven “Thank You (forbreakinmyheart)” to a swagger-inducing rock-funk heater “Gone”. Other highlights are the samba-styled quiet storm simply called “Beautiful” and the old-school, gangsta-blues, baby-maker “Lovin Man.”

The music has been compared most often to Bill Withers (which is a beautiful thing) and while I think SOULvival is unique, I felt personally influenced by artists such as Frankie Beverly, Macy Gray, Jonathan Butler and Sam Sparro while working on the album.

SOULvival is ONLY possible because of the following musicians and artists:
Stephen “Stevo” Théard, Thomas Kelly, Mark Meadows, Derek Frank, Ernie Halter, Reggie Boyd Jr., Yarone Levy, Daryl Darden, Bijon Watson, Louis Van Taylor, Tom Evans, Steve Lang, Luenell, Maria Lee, Mr. Goodbar, and Digital. You ALL killed it!


If you pre-order the album, I will include the DEMOS of my 5 favorite songs on the album, and autograph your copy of the record. That’s 5 extra songs for pre-ordering!

SOULvival – AVAILABLE 06.01.2010