PapaLee’s Amazing June

June has been the most amazing month of my entire life! My gorgeous wife Maria Elena Lee just gave birth (at home) to our beautiful daughter Lily Kathryn Lee on Wednesday June 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm. Here’s a picture of my gals literally seconds after Lily’s arrival.

First of all, take a moment to notice how gorgeous Maria looks… okay, that’s enough.

Also, this week my debut album SOULvival is released on digital outlets worldwide, and on my website at

Both are getting INCREDIBLE reviews! Please don’t keep it a secret, post a link to it on your blog or facebook page, and let’s get this thing rollin! Lily’s got a lot of growing  to do, and I think we gotta put her through school and stuff like that. So she’s SERIOUSLY counting on us ALL to make it happen. More pictures and updates to come.

Be blessed AND a blessing
PapaLee  – Hey that’s me!

13 thoughts on “PapaLee’s Amazing June

  1. Oh my gosh…They are both so beautiful.Congratulations. What a blessing. Cherish this for as long as you can as they grow so quick. Hard to believe that my daughter is 30 already. Maria looks like she is ready to go out for the day, not like she just had a baby. You are blessed and have a great future ahead. Take care, Cynthia

  2. Hey Hanford,

    Congratulations on both blessed events! Your daughter is beautiful and so is your CD!

    Every song is a masterpiece! Wow! I couldn’t stop listening. Great voice, great music, great songs! To say I was moved and impressed would be a gross understatement!

    Good luck, or as the say in Japan “Ganbatte”(good luck; never give up!).

    If everyone else enjoys your new CD as much as I did, the sky is the limit!

    Paul B Allen, III of The Platters

  3. Congrats to both of you, especially you Maria…… You guys are about to have a super cool life now, just wait and see. I am very happy for ya’ll…..

  4. Congrads! Thats what matters in life. Keep pushing out those masterful tracks you’ve been blessed with. God always first and don’t settle for anything against him regardless of what you may think or feel.

  5. Thanks for all the warm wishes. Lily (or Lily Bear) as I have nicknamed her is doing great! She’s pretty awesome!

  6. Nothing less than Fabulous!!! Congratulations to you and Maria; I am exceeding happy for you both. Lily Kathryn has an amazing life ahead of her and Gregory, Najee and I will keep you all lifted up in prayer along the way. Keep loving life. You are blessed beyond measure.
    (P.S. – Posting that Link to my new Facebook!)

  7. this is fantastic! your baby girl has finally made her debut – following in her daddy’s footsteps already! congratulations on both a successful home birth and a HOT album – and to Maria – I got mad respect for you chica! your beautiful!

  8. Congratulations to both of you and congratulations on your new CD! I Love it! 🙂

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