What really matters

I haven’t blogged since Robert Brookins’ memorial service, and frankly I haven’t really cared to. Many of you know that former NBA All-Star and smooth jazz musician Wayman Tisdale also passed recently after a long battle with cancer.

Wayman was also a member of the often close-knit musical community of Sacramento… he launched his recording career not long after he was the star power forward for the Sacramento Kings. I remember going over to Wayman’s house to hang-out, record and make music. My long-time friends Brian Alexander Morgan and Derek “DOA” Allen both worked with Wayman quite a bit, and I cut some of the vocals for one of my early demos in Wayman’s closet.

Wayman Tisdale

My aunt Ida Charles

Then, a week or so after Wayman’s passing, my lovely and graceful aunt Ida Charles past away. Her services were held recently at the Saint Anthony Parish in Sacramento. The celebration was a fitting tribute to a gentile wife, mother and friend to many that she came into contact with. Aunt Ida had recently celebrated her 80th birthday and her 60th year of marriage to my uncle Ray Charles (retired fire chief for the City Of Sacramento).

Ida had a 20 year career with the California Legislature as secretary to former House Speaker Willie Brown. She was a delegate to the 1972 Democratic National Convention, and volunteer for The Red Cross and a marriage officiate for the Sacramento County Justice of the Peace.

Needless to say these losses chip away at a lot of what surrounds us… I guess it’s our story. What’s left is deep reflections on who we are, and what matters in our lives. So I guess that’s what the last month has been about for me. I have been at peace, but really trying to refocus my life’s energy and effort.

So, I am back in the studio trying to produce an album of all new original music and determined NOT to put my life or career on hold. I’m really thankful for every breath. I’m trying to live every moment – totally honor the NOW and not get stuck in the past or stress and obsess about the future. I love my wife Maria – my family and friends and my dog Reba. I’ve done plenty of stupid stuff, but don’t have one regret. I just try to keep learning and perfecting myself for that day when I too will be transformed.

So for me, I guess that’s what really matters.