Africanoboi’s Grammy Party

I know the Grammys is old news, but I wouldn’t be doin’ my job if I didn’t share the “Grammy Party” video that I wrote, directed and scored with Bryan Oji (aka Africanoboi) for our channel “Africanoboiscripted.”

It was inspired by my personal Grammy night experience with old friends. I also really wanted to capture the mood of that weekend (especially with the loss of Whitney Houston). We wanted to get it out right after the grammys, but we ran into some technical glitches.

The audience response has been excellent, and the video has received over 4,200 views so far. Grammy Party stars Africanoboi, G. Scott, Jacques Smith, and Jess Weber and was produced with ChiWay Entertainment for Jukin Video. Click here to subscribe to Africanoboiscripted.

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