New Website For 2012!

Happy New Year! I am very proud to present the new website for PapaLee Music. We spent the last year or so promoting SOULvival, now it’s back to business as we spotlight our substantial catalogue of music for film and television and aggressively seek more songwriting and composing work

We’re also very excited about some of the new “social” features such as Facebook comments and Soundcloud integration. Soundcloud is a great tool for sharing audio files. We recently uploaded about 80 pieces of music that can be streamed almost anywhere on the web. Check out the player below playing a set list of about 40 miscellaneous cues from different films and TV shows.

PapaLee has been on the WordPress platform for a few years now, and it’s been great. Look for a big push for record, film and tv placements in 2012. We sure could use your help, and will provide incentives for referrals. Also, any comments, words of encouragement or shares on your facebook or twitter would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s have an amazing 2012!

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