PapaLee week on Jay King radio show

What’s up everybody?! We had an AMAZING show Thursday evening at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, and THIS afternoon (Sunday June 27th), at 2pm PST.  I will be featured on Jay King’s Radio Show and podcast. Jay will be getting into my debut solo album SOULvival, and hitting me up on my thoughts about the music business and plans for the album.

I am a HUGE fan of Jay’s show so I’m very excited to be a guest on it. Jay is an well-known and respected entrepreneur and artist who created a new chapter in musical history when he independently produced, pressed, marketed and promoted the million selling smash Rumors by the Timex Social Club, turning it into the biggest selling 12 inch single in history.

I’ve know Jay for probably 20 years and he is a super-talented and brilliant musical mind, so we will certainly have a great time talking shop. Here’s the link for the show:

If you want to just call in on your phone, you can dial 347-205-9366 from 2-4 pm PST and listen on your phone. The show will be archived as well, so all the links should be good – even if you can’t listen live. Hope you enjoy!

Be blessed and a blessing

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