Robert Brookins Memorial Celebration

Here’s the slideshow from the Robert Brookins Memorial Celebration. Press the play button to look at photos. When slide show plays, click on the flickr logo in the top left corner to go to flickr and download individual images.

Click here to download a copy of the program that I scanned and uploaded from the celebration.

The celebration was beautiful. It was held in the stadium of Grant High School – where Robert attended. The music and words spoken were powerful and emotional. Comments were made by longtime friend Gordon Jones, Derek “DOA” Allen, Verdine White, Philip Bailey, and John Paris of Earth, Wind & FIre. Music producer Jay King led the audience gathered in a loud thunderous round of applause for the the fallen singer and musical prodigy.

Long-time writing partner Tony Haynes waxed poetic on his experience collaborating with Robert. Most moving was Robert’s brother Michael who was the other half of Robert’s group AfterBach that was signed to Maurice White’s label ARC in the early ’80s. Enjoy the photos and share the memories!

8 thoughts on “Robert Brookins Memorial Celebration

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  2. I graduated with Robert and I attended a funeral that will stay with me for a long time. It seemed to have everyone from Sacramento there. Thanks for the lovely remembrance of Robert Brookins.

  3. Thanks for the lovely remembrance of Robert Brookins. I attended the funeral and graduated from Grant High School as well. Robert will be missed very much.

  4. Thank you very much for the love you’ve given by posting this wonderful site of rememberance. I’m trying very hard to stay in the spirit of love, I miss him so much that it’s hard to sometimes stay focused on what really matters now, but when I see things like your site, I grab a hold of what he Robert has left behind in the name of LOVE.
    Thanks, Mike Brookins

  5. Michael –

    I read your note and it touched me so deeply. I was such a fan of you guys coming up – then to get to know Rob and be encouraged by him and his talent and presence over the years was above and beyond for me. I can only imagine your sense of loss.

    I have said many prayers for your family – and will continue to do so. I am here for y’all if necessary. My family (The Observer) is cretainly here for you as well.

    Thank you for your comment.

  6. My Dearest Friend,
    My heart is so heavy this day, Nikki told me about Robert just hours ago. This lost goes so deep. Robert brought so many talents into the spotlight, including my Sister Madeline, who passed in 2001,and is credit on your AFTERBACH-LP, I love you and your family so much and my tears will never stop flowing for you and your family. Thank you Robert for the Love the love you shared so freely with your music and talent to the world, and Micheal thank you for your encouragement and love that you have for us since the 70’s. My prayer is that I will run into you at the cleaners or at a game or anywhere so we can embrace for our lost.
    Let’s Face It! We Love YOU
    Connie, Nikki and Mark

  7. Hey Michael How are you doing? This is your cousin david in Dallas(Cedar Hill). I know I am way late about the funeral of your brother Robert, but I think Ethel Jewel told me that he had passed away. I see all the good and wonderful blogs that was spoken of him. How is the family(Laverne Denny and the kids) of course by now they are all grown and have their own family. How is your father Robert Sr. I hope you get this and e-mail me soon.

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