Music Giant Robert Brookins Passes

Sacramento music giant and mega-talent Robert Brookins passed away last week in Sacramento. I counted Robert as a colleague and a mentor and his passing is a great loss to his friends and family, the community of Sacramento and to the music business in general.

Here‘s a report from the EUR Web.

Robert’s credits included work with Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke, The Stanley Clarke Band, The Clark/Duke Project, Stephanie Mills, Ramsey Lewis, Jeffrey Osborne and many other top artists in the business.

On a more personal note, Robert was a stellar musician who was always positive and encouraging, and a lot of fun to be around. I had been a fan of Robert’s since I was in junior high, and when I finally met him – when “Our Lives” was in heavy rotation in Los Angeles in the late ’80s – he was super cool – letting us roll around LA with him all V.I.P. style. LOL!

I met one of my best friends and another musical mentor Brian Alexander Morgan, through Rob in 1988 and I will never forget finally getting the opportunity to sing with Robert 6 years ago at the 40th Anniversary Observer Gala. He worked up a great arrangement of my song “Hold On” and we sang “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us” as the closing number for the gala.

Here’s a video of Rob performing a single off his solo album “Our Lives”. This was the jam! Rest In Peace Robeezi!

7 thoughts on “Music Giant Robert Brookins Passes

  1. So sorry to hear about Robert’s passing…he is gone on to sing with the other Angels in heaven.
    Sending prayers for your Loved ones…………..

  2. I remember you Robert in the Valley singing with Jackie Jackson in the studios. You and Ray Grady. You would play and sing to us all. You were and will always be a sweet spirit always with kinds words. You will definatley be missed. I love you Robert…….

  3. I worked with Robert many years ago with Karen White and he always showed me love. Whether it was showing me crazy chords on the piano or teaching me vocal licks.Which to this day, I still cannot do. He is a natural and i’ll miss him. But my heart is happy cause I know where he’ll be now, and forever. In Heaven wi Jesus!!

  4. While in school at Norte Del Rio and Grant Union in the early Eighties, I remember the talent that Robert and his brother put out with Afterbach! “Ladies of the Eighties” and “It’s You” are jams that make me smile to this day!
    Robert you are missed, but never forgotten!

  5. Robert was so talented as an artist, musician, producer and friend, that whenever i hung out with him, he always made me laugh & smile. He ate and slept music. Any person in this day and time who could bring that type of enjoyment to another human being, will truely be missed & is a gift to God himself.

    I’ll miss and never forget u Robert, but i will c u again as all of us will one of these days! Love & Condolence to the Brookins
    family from the Hawkins family>

  6. I remember the first time I heard Robert Brookins, I immediately feel in love with him. The first song I heard was “Where Is The Love”, I rush to the record store to get the CD. I played that cassette every day until someone broke in my car and stole all my music. That man had a voice that just sent chills, everybody who heard it in my car questioned who he was. I have had the hardest time trying to replace that cassette. That man had an amazing voice. Rest in peace Robert Brookins, thank u for the chills..

  7. I am a friend of Robert that is also a fan. I met this cat 15 years ago when I moved from New Orleans playing drums and was soo happy when I caught up with him here and got to hit with him,I was like cat is bad but little did I know this would be the only one would be the only time we would hit together. I send much love to the family and to say this Robert gave much love to me as a new cat around town. may God bless him in heaven.

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