Africanoboi’s Grammy Party

I know the Grammys is old news, but I wouldn’t be doin’ my job if I didn’t share the “Grammy Party” video that I wrote, directed and scored with Bryan Oji (aka Africanoboi) for our channel “Africanoboiscripted.”

It was inspired by my personal Grammy night experience with old friends. I also really wanted to capture the mood of that weekend (especially with the loss of Whitney Houston). We wanted to get it out right after the grammys, but we ran into some technical glitches.

The audience response has been excellent, and the video has received over 4,200 views so far. Grammy Party stars Africanoboi, G. Scott, Jacques Smith, and Jess Weber and was produced with ChiWay Entertainment for Jukin Video. Click here to subscribe to Africanoboiscripted.

“I Look To You” – Acoustic Cover

I recently posted a video of an acoustic cover of the song R. Kelly wrote for Whitney Houston – “I Look To You”. This was the same song that he performed at her unforgettable memorial service. What a sad day that was. I felt like I was one with the community of fans that watched the service and tweeted and facebook’d about it as it was happening.

I haven’t always been the biggest R. Kelly fan, but I must admit, I found his performance epic. I was so moved, I decided to do an acoustic cover of it. Whitney recorded the song with the 2nd verse and the bridge, but I did one verse and 2 modulations like R. Kelly did at her service. There’s a video online of him singing “I Look To You” a few years ago, and he only sang the first verse then as well. It made me wonder if he penned the lyrics to the rest of the song. Here’s the video.

Please leave a comment, share the video, subscribe to the channel, or just enjoy it!

Africanoboiscripted Is What’s Up!

HOLLYWOOD – BJP Entertainment and Papalee Music have teamed up with AfricanoBOi and ChiWay Entertainment to create the Africanoboiscripted channel on YouTube – #africanoboiscripted.

Africanoboiscripted launched on January 26th with a 2 minute skit entitled “Spare Some Change,” and in just over 2 weeks the channel has received nearly 30,000 views and 6,000 subscribers.

PapaLee Music is providing the music for the channel – which will feature skits and parodies starring AfricanoBOi aka Bryan Oji. Bryan is a youtube star – with over 150,000 subscribers and over 95 million views on his Africanoboishow channel on YouTube. Bryan recently moved to Los Angeles from Houston, and with the help of BJP Entertainment is charting a course through the maze that is Hollywood.

“The goal of Africanoboiscripted is to give Bryan another platform to show what he can do,” says William Hanford Lee Jr., CEO of Burbank based media and management company BJP Entertainment and Bryan’s personal manager. “When you ask people in Hollywood what they think about YouTube talent, you can get some weird responses. Africanoboiscripted is an opportunity to hopefully create some viral content and show that Bryan is ready to go to the next level. I don’t believe for a minute that the success he’s had online is some sort of fluke.”

“On Africanoboiscripted Bryan will be working with a script, a director, an editor and the whole team at ChiWay Entertainment to create content that both satisfies his hardcore fans, and also has the potential to make its way to outlets outside of YouTube.” Lee has also directed several of the shorts on Africanoboiscripted.

The most recent short entitled The Crazy Nastyass Streetwalker (a parody of the hugely popular The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger) dropped on Tuesday and has generated over 8,000 views in just 3 days and has been called “A Hot Mess” and a “Hood Classic”. Check it out below. WARNING: There are some dirty words! NSFW.

Click here to subscribe to Africanoboiscripted, and follow Bryan on twitter at @africanoboi. Follow William Lee on twitter at @papaleemusic.  For more information on Africanoboiscripted contact Jonathan Skogmo at ChiWay Entertainment at 323.932.0960.

OMG! A NEW PapaLee YouTube Video

I’m diggin’ the song “Love That Girl” by Raphael Saadiq. I thought out bust out a quick rendition. I’ve been away from the blog for a minute, but I’m back! Enjoy this video and share it on your Facebook pages. I hope you are all having a wonderful 2011!

Let me know if you have any requests. I’m trying to learn LOTS of new songs! More videos to come!

PapaLee Acoustic Tribute To Teddy

Here’s my acoustic tribute to the classic Teddy Pendergrass slow jam – “Love T.K.O.” There have been so many great losses in the music business in the last year – it’s kinda mind blowing. Planning to put on This Is It this week and get a final dose of MJ. Appreciate ’em while you got ’em. Click here to watch on You Tube.

SOULvival is in the final week of production. Pre-order it today! We need 500 pre-orders before June.