I’m LIVE in ATL Wednesday

Join me Wednesday night August 21st in Atlanta – as I will be the featured artist for TuKute’s Jokes & Jazz at the famous Cafe 290 in Sandy Springs! Also appearing will be comedian Damion Mr. Inappropriate – and you know how I love inappropriate comedy!

Showtime for TuKute Presents Jokes & Jazz is 7-11 pm. Also appearing will be Rita Graham, Emile Worthy, Mz Wallstreet, Gary Harris, John Sadler, Ike Harris and Jared Lanham.

The show is gonna be Turnt Up! Don’t miss it. Tickets are $15 in advance and available on Eventbrite. Click here to get your tickets NOW! Check out the blog here and the Facebook page for the event here. See you Wednesday!

Beautiful On Burn Notice!

I am a HUGE fan of the USA Network show Burn Notice. Our good friend and collaborator Ben Watkins has been a writer/producer on the show for several years, and made a big push to get some of my music on the show before it goes off the air.

Listen for my song “Beautiful” on episode 710 entitled “Things Unseen” that airs tonight – Thursday August 15th at 9pm/8c on USA Network. “Beautiful” was on my album SOULvival and was dedicated to my oldest daughter Lily.

Burn Notice is in its final season, and down to its final 4 episodes and if you haven’t seen the show, it’s a lot of fun. It’s been called “addictive” and one of the “best shows on tv.” You can watch past episodes on itunes and on amazon, or tune in on Thursday night at 9pm to watch it LIVE! Tune in and Share this!

Your help needed to produce “The Crew”

Most of my music work this year has been for the channel we launched this year with ChiWay Entertainment on YouTube – Africanoboiscripted. The channel is off to a great start, and we have picked up over 7,200 subscribers, but that’s just the beginning! Last week we launched an indiegogo campaign to raise $4,000 to shoot a web series that we are going to release in 5 3-minute episodes called “The Crew.”

I certainly value your time and will keep this blog post short in the hopes that you’ll watch this 3-minute video below then go immediately to indiegogo.com/thecrew and make a small donation (as little as $5) to help us make this series a reality. There are ONLY 4 days left in the campaign!

The script is great, the cast is amazing, and all we need is you!

If you can’t contribute, take a second to like “The Crew” on facebook at www.facebook.com/TheCrewSeries. Much love to everyone who has contributed so far – I know we still have a ways to go, but there are a few people that are threatening to come through in a big way, so I truly believe we can reach our goal. But we can’t do it without you!

Share this post with your friends on your favorite social media and have a great week!

Africanoboi’s Grammy Party

I know the Grammys is old news, but I wouldn’t be doin’ my job if I didn’t share the “Grammy Party” video that I wrote, directed and scored with Bryan Oji (aka Africanoboi) for our channel “Africanoboiscripted.”

It was inspired by my personal Grammy night experience with old friends. I also really wanted to capture the mood of that weekend (especially with the loss of Whitney Houston). We wanted to get it out right after the grammys, but we ran into some technical glitches.

The audience response has been excellent, and the video has received over 4,200 views so far. Grammy Party stars Africanoboi, G. Scott, Jacques Smith, and Jess Weber and was produced with ChiWay Entertainment for Jukin Video. Click here to subscribe to Africanoboiscripted.

“I Look To You” – Acoustic Cover

I recently posted a video of an acoustic cover of the song R. Kelly wrote for Whitney Houston – “I Look To You”. This was the same song that he performed at her unforgettable memorial service. What a sad day that was. I felt like I was one with the community of fans that watched the service and tweeted and facebook’d about it as it was happening.

I haven’t always been the biggest R. Kelly fan, but I must admit, I found his performance epic. I was so moved, I decided to do an acoustic cover of it. Whitney recorded the song with the 2nd verse and the bridge, but I did one verse and 2 modulations like R. Kelly did at her service. There’s a video online of him singing “I Look To You” a few years ago, and he only sang the first verse then as well. It made me wonder if he penned the lyrics to the rest of the song. Here’s the video.

Please leave a comment, share the video, subscribe to the channel, or just enjoy it!